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Elk Grove Food Bank receives $66K in Grants and Donations

The need is growing for local elderly.

Elk Grove Food Bank Services during the past two months received $66,000 in grants and a large monetary donation to enhance their food distribution programs.

Marie Jachino, executive director of Elk Grove Food Bank Services, described those contributions as crucial to the organization's ability to serve many seniors who are in need throughout the community.

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Non-Profit Helping Hands with Davis Ranch to help local Food Banks


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Non-Profit, Helping Hands Produce is partnering with Davis Ranch in Sloughhouse California, to provide every bit of unsold fruits and vegetables to those going hungry in our local region and other counties throughout the state.

Before Helping Hands Produce, much of the surplus fruit and vegetables at Davis Ranch were tilled back into the soil. Now with the help of many community partners and amazing volunteers, Helping Hands Produce connects this much needed fresh produce with local food banks.

This 2016 season, Davis Ranch Produce is inviting volunteers to come to its farm On U-Pick days. Helping Hands Produce will have an area designated for picking produce for food banks from 8 am until 10 a.m., every Tuesday and Saturday. The harvesting season usually lasts until sometime in November.

Please join us for some volunteer harvesting. There is no need to call in advance unless you are bringing a large group (10 or more)

When arriving at the Sloughhouse produce stand, follow the signs to the U-Pick scales. At the U-Pick scales let the person working at the scales know that you are there to volunteer for the food banks. You will need to weigh in at the scales, but as a Helping Hands Volunteer, you will not need to fulfill the $25 minimum purchase required for U-Pick.

You will be directed to where you should go as a volunteer. The gleaning manager will assist you further in the designated areas.
Thank you once again for your interest in harvesting surplus produce for food banks.

For more information about Sloughhouse U-pick, you can call 502-7983





A HUGE THANK YOU to all the friends of the Elk Grove Food Bank Services for coming together on Tuesday, May 3rd for the BIG Day of Giving. This 24 hour event rallies the region, the state, the country and the world! With generous donations given in the 24 hours of this annual Day of Giving event, the EGFBS surpassed the goal of $10,000. In the many months of planning by a handful of people, our first year was a success! All BIG Day of Giving donations will benefit the EGFBS Building Fund.

The Elk Grove community and Sacramento region truly has an extraordinary giving spirit to help those in need right here at home. We are sincerely thankful to all those that gave from their hearts.


Elk Grove Food Bank Services Expands Mobile Pantry Program

In an effort to meet the growing demand for assistance from local seniors, EG Food Bank has expanded its services to two additional Mobile Pantry distribution sites. The Food Bank will transport groceries to the Vintage at Laguna and the Vintage at Laguna II senior apartments starting in October 2015.

The largest increase in the EG Food Bank client population is in the senior community, 280%. In 2010 the monthly average was 247 seniors served, the average of the first four months in 2015 was 939 seniors served. In the past 16 months alone, the number of seniors seeking assistance has more than doubled.

“Of all our clients, our seniors are the most vulnerable,” said Marie Jachino, EGFBS Executive Director. “These clients are on fixed incomes and their budgets cannot withstand any increase in expenses. The growing number of senior clients and their transportation issues led us to expand our Mobile Pantry program.”

What: EGFBS Mobile Pantry Program

Distribution Site 1: Vintage at Laguna Senior Apartments

                                    9210 Big Horn Boulevard

                                    Elk Grove CA 95758

Distribution Site 2: Vintage at Laguna II Senior Apartments

                                    9204 Big Horn Boulevard

                                    Elk Grove, CA 95758

When:  Second Wednesday of the month, starting October 14, 2015, distribution starts at 10:00 a.m.

Pumpkin Patch

Each year at Elk Grove's Giant Pumpkin Festival EG Food Bank has a Pumpkin Patch.  Pumpkins are sold to benefit the programs at the Food Bank.  This year the wrestling and basketball teams from EG High School volunteered at the Patch. 

Pumpkin Patch1

Many supporters of EG Food Bank visit the Patch to get their pumpkin. 

Pumpkin Patch

Arnie Zimmerman, Mark Jansson (EGFBS Board), Iris Zimmerman and Jonathan Sparks

Pumpkin Patch Strollers