To provide essential resources to overcome the many faces of hunger and human need.

Mobile Pantry

Elk Grove Food Bank Services realizes that not all of our hungry neighbors have access to food assistance due to time restraints, living situations, and lack of transportation.  In realizing these unique needs, the Mobile Pantry program was launched in May 2009.

The Mobile Pantry at Franklin serves migrant farm workers, approximately 200 individuals (35 families), on the second Friday of each month in the south Franklin area.  The Mobile Pantry brings a much needed service to an area that has a high concentration of poverty and receives relatively low levels of food assistance. 

 Mobile Pantry

  The Mobile Pantry at Impact Church distributes food to residents of the 95828 zip code on the second Thursday of each month.  Residents of the 95828 zip code are served only through this Mobile Pantry program. 

  • Food distribution at the Impact Church is on the second Thursday of each month, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
  • Provide a valid photo ID for each adult (current drivers license or passport)
  • Provide valid ID for children under 18 years of age and in their household (birth certificate, medical insurance card, government ID card, current student ID card with photo, Social security cards are not accepted)
  • Clients must provide a current SMUD or PG&E utility bill for proof of residency
  • Clients may receive food once each calendar month. 
  • Impact Church is located at:  8299 E. Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento, CA  95828

Program Information

  • The Mobile Pantry program is part of an ongoing effort to distribute more food to those in need who live in outlying areas.
  • Mobile Pantry at Franklin operates on the second Friday of each month.
  • Mobile Pantry at Impact Church operates on the second Thursday of each month and serves the 95828 zip code. 
  • Volunteers transport food to the Mobile Pantry sites for distribution.
  • For further information to learn how you can help with this program, please call (916) 685-8453.