To provide essential resources to overcome the many faces of hunger and human need.

Harvest Of Hope

Fill the Need. Feed the Hope

As a dedicated non-profit, our mission is to provide essential resources to overcome the many faces of hunger and human need.

We have grown from a resource for the hungry to a larger social services organization; offering a variety of additional services to help meet the needs of our community.

Our goal is to provide food security, so our community isn’t a hungry community.

Welcome to Elk Grove Food Bank Services

There are things in life that you can't live without. Food is one of them. Unfortunately, too many people in this world struggle with hunger. The face of hunger will surprise you. From working poor families struggling to make ends meet to seniors who worked their whole lives and now live on a fixed income, hunger and food insecurity can affect any one of us.

Hunger knows no race, age, religion or geographic region – it's something that plagues neighborhoods throughout the community and doesn't discriminate. The fact remains that many hard working people struggle to feed their families every day. Rising energy prices, increasing health care and basic life experiences force families and individuals to make a choice they should never have to make – whether or not to eat or skip a meal because they can't afford it.

People who suffer from hunger are confronted with shame, worry and insecurity about how they are going to feed themselves or their families. Each month the Food Bank distributes emergency food to over 2,100 people, including children, disabled, seniors, working poor, people living with HIV and the homeless.

In addition to providing food, we offer programs and ongoing support services. The seamless workings of our organization is testament to the Food Bank staff, our board of directors, the hundreds of dedicated volunteers, and our many sponsors, community partners and individuals who put their hearts into helping those less fortunate in our community.

Today, with the number of working poor, seniors and women with children using food programs, we find ourselves looking at the greatest challenges. Food is something everybody needs, and with your support, the Elk Grove Food Bank Services will continue to do its part to fight hunger. The only way to eradicate hunger is through public awareness. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to serve the community.